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What makes us different?

At ReviveSport we look at the body as a whole. Having a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, biomechanics and kinesiology is what sets us apart from the rest. Aches and pains are symptoms of something happening deeper within the body. We truely believe finding the root problem is the only way to properly treat biomechanical disfunction and treat soft tissue issues.

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Rehab & Recovery

The NeuFit System offers a new paradigm in electrical stimulation therapy. This system provides new methods of neuromuscular re-education and is available as part of ReviveSport's comprehensive approach to health, wellness, and pain management. We believe the body heals the body, and are committed to integrative and regenerative approaches to healing. NeuFIt is non-invasive, regenerative technology.

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Why revive?

Trust the ReviveSport team to keep you in peak performance.

8 Years

ReviveSport has been a trusted expert for over eight years.

100+ Athletes

Over 100 professional athletes have experienced the ReviveSport difference.


Have complete confidence in ReviveSport's team to provide you with excellent care.

Neufit system AND BENEFITS

NeuFit is a revolution in the fields of rehab and fitness, and the NeuFit device is a powerful tool for therapy and rehabilitation. Because of how it is engineered, the NeuFit system allows ReviveSport to provide more efficient and effective Neuromuscular Re-education.

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Trust Revivesport

8 Years

over 100+ Athletes

Our approach

Discover the benefits of ReviveSport expertise combined with cutting edge technology.

Heal faster

Reduce healing time by 30%-70% and recover your body's optimal potential.


Resets the nervous system so the body can regenerate and recover faster, sleep better and feel more energized


Reactivate muscles and reprogram poor movement patterns. Support the body in healing and performing at its highest levels.

Reduce pain

Manage acute and chronic pain that helps you accelerate your fitness progress and recovery.

Improve performance

Overcome plateaus in athletic performance and achieve your full potential.


Breath easier knowing that your body is taking the proper steps naturally to optimal performance.

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