Professional Athletes, Trainers, Coaches, Educational Institutions. 

Athletes require specific use of their bodies.

Understanding that athletes train their nervous system and muscles to perform in a specific way is fundamental to treating soft tissue properly. Repetitive use of certain muslce groups, can sometimes cause hypertrophy and changes in strength, movement patterns, connective tissue formation, and compesation patters through out the body. These factors can contribute to different soft tissue dysfuntion that developes throughout the body. 

Because of the strenuous activity involved in sports, athletes are prone to injury. Knowing the biomechanics required for positional players in a specific sport makes massage very benefitial to an athletes program. For competeing ahtletes strain/stress is the demand of performance. Treating and managaing stress/strain with massage therapy as it continuously develops, can prevent the physical/wellness of the body from becoming upset. Staying ahead of this cycle can alone prevent illness and/or injury from occuring.

Unfortunately, injuries in contact sports are sometimes unavoidable. With cutting edge sports rehabailitative tools such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent and RAPTOR, getting an athlete back to their respective sport as quickly as possible is made easier here at ReviveSport. I encourage and welcome working closely with physicians and trainers before incorperating massage into any athletes rehabilitative program.

In closing, although athletes appear to be strong and fit, they can actually be fragile in their adaptive abilities both emotional and physical. A massage therapist should always take into concideration an athletes adaptive capacity before each session.

Working together to optimize an athletes

performance is always the goal.

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