RAPTOR a cutting-edge percussion tool that enhances and accelerates therapeutic recovery in sports medicine, post-operative recovery and general physical rehabilitation.


RAPTOR is already being used by elite sports teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzles and Los Angeles Kings, amongst several other professional and collegiate level teams. 

the raptor is a cutting-edge percussion tool that enhances and accelerates therapeutic recovery in sports medicine

  • Myofasical release mechanism administers deep tissue percussive penetration that achieves better results with minimal to no discomfort

  • Compact and Powerful, with interchangeable applicators that are suitable for hundreds of protocols

  • Although THE RAPTOR, does not replace the benefits of direct human touch and deep tissue massage, it greatly improves the effectiveness of treatment.

  • THE RAPTOR allows a good practitioner to administer a much more effective treatment in a shorter period of time.



"RAPTOR is setting a new standard in the training room for more therapeutic and efficient treatment in a shorter period of time," - Los Angeles Lakers Head Athletic Trainer Gary Vitti 

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent can relieve pain, increase the rate of wound healing, stimulate the regeneration of injured tissue, stimulate lymphatic flow, relieve myofascial trigger points and increase protein synthesis and ATP production by 500%.  ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the primary molecule from which our body produces energy, and it is found in every cell of the body. Not to be confused with a TENS unit. It's current in millionths of an amp. There are numerous studies published on the effects of single channel microcurrent showing that it increases the rate of healing in wounds and fractures. The frequencies appear to change a variety of conditions and tissues and change pain and function in a large number of clinical conditions. FSM is especially effective at treating nerve and muscle pain, inflammation and scar tissue. 

  • Increase ATP production

  • Increase amino acid transport and waste product removal

  • Reduce inflammation

Frequency Specific Microcurrent in sports massage office

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Heal like the Pros!

Here at Revive we've treated and helped accelerate healing in many sports and non sports related injuries using Microcurrent:

Joint Sprains

Plantar fasciitis

Tommy John Surgery

Bursitis in knee/hip

Rotator Cuff Surgery


ACL/MCL/Meniscus Surgery

Ulcers in the Esophagus

Kidney Stones

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

General Inflammation

PSOAs Strain

Grade 1-3 Torn Muscles

Turf Toe

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Herniated/Bulging Disc

Facet Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain



Chronic Migraines 

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